About the Tampa Bay Guardian

The Tampa Bay Guardian publishes independent news and analyses. We do it because there just isn’t enough of that in the Tampa Bay area. Top management at major area media companies will never allow their reporters to run stories that hurt advertising revenue. The Tampa Bay Guardian, on the other hand, has no advertising revenue.

No, we don’t think we are “the Guardians of the Tampa Bay metro area” (we get that a lot). We just happen to like fact-based comprehensive news stories. We also are aware that when using a title followed by a proper name, the title should be capitalized. We just chose not to until April 1, 2020…just to remind public officials that they are not demigods.

The Tampa Bay Guardian’s policy is that we reach out to public figures with questions and requests for comments for publication. If they chose to not respond (even if just to say “we will have no comment”), then we will never contact that public figure again ahead of an article. Public figures: please take note of our policy!

Here are some other great local sources of independent news and analysis, all unaffiliated with the Guardian, and provided in alphabetical order:

BPIOL.COM (Bay Post Internet On-Line) – published by Dr. Gene Webb, a retired 28-year employee of the City of St. Petersburg.
EyeOnTampaBay.Com – published by Tampa Tea Party leader Sharon Calvert and others.
TampaBayBeat.Info – published by indepedent left-leaning journalist Jim Bleyer.

Most of us around the Tampa Bay area grassroots news outlets, all with zero revenue, tell citizens about each other so that you can konnect the dots …. 🙂


Last updated 4/12/2020