Dunedin Chamber jeopardizes its tax exempt status by not adhering to federal law, is hostile to reporter

The Dunedin Chamber of Commerce has failed to provide its governance documents to our reporter. These are documents that the chamber says it “makes available to the public upon request”, a statement the chamber has made repeatedly in filings with the IRS. DR gave the chamber three full weeks to provide the documents before publishing this article.

Allowing the public access to certain documents is a condition of the chamber’s tax exempt status. In other words, if the non-profit organization doesn’t provide such access, it can lose its tax exempt status. Yet when DR visited the chamber offices on September 26th to look at such documents, chamber president Lynn Lynn Wargo was hostile, seemed to not grasp what was being asked for, and referred us to an attorney representing the chamber. The chamber also charged us more for copies than allowed by federal law.

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